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"We're solving the biggest problems in the field of equity research by making what's not so obvious about an investment opportunity even more abundantly clear, so the world of investing is more transparent than ever before."

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Cho Research is a research journal, and a business services provider. We provide equity research in a journalistic format that best matches the quality and authenticity of professional research. As a business we provide add-on services, so that we can continue to provide our media for free for readers around the world. Our goal is quite simple, to provide quality research at a price everyone can afford — zero dollars. We first registered our domain in 2017, and finally launched our website in 2019.

The world of finance is disaggregating services from a single bundle model to a silo-like disruptive model. Never has their been so much emphasis on providing consumers more options when choosing between various providers. Some offer free-brokerage commissions, others look to disrupt online transactions, crowdsource investments, whereas other fin-tech companies develop tools and services to make managing personal finances easier. The separate components of the big banks are packaged into a tech disruptor model, and so the disruption in the industry ties heavily into the dissagregation of services paired with the use of disruptive technology. This is where the industry is going, and it’s what Silicon Valley is actively funding, currently.

Never has it been easier to buy stocks, but more difficult to access quality and insightful information. The world of media has shifted to a paid-subscription model with information becoming more restricted by the day. Meanwhile investment activity is picking-up at the quickest pace in human history. The discrepancy between the ease of access to markets yet the difficulty to gain quality insights is what we’re looking to bridge. This is our disruptive value proposition, and so we’re tackling one of the biggest problems confronting investors looking for quality information and news in the 21st Century.

Our Principles

1. Accessible

Our research will never be pay-walled, or require special access or permission to gain access. The research will be open and available so all who have curious minds can have access to insights and research not readily available, known, or fully-priced into the underlying asset or company we’re providing coverage on.

Unlike the news, or brokerage research, we’re not interested in collecting money from subscriptions, nor do we demand a brokerage account — we simply provide open access to our research.

2. Actionable

Our research is actionable — meaning that the research addresses opportunities that can lead to investment returns in a timeframe that’s reasonable for most investors. In other words, we’re looking at opportunities that can generate investment returns within a 1-month, 3-month, 12-month timeframe. Reality is, most investors aren’t patient, and we don’t expect them to be. Furthermore, we exclude complicated strategies such as options trading, foreign equities that trade on foreign stock exchanges, and futures as well. These opportunities aren’t readily available for most investors and falls outside the scope of being “actionable.”

3. Alpha α

Our research generate “alpha” — meaning that the ideas we produce helps investors beat the stock market or benchmark returns. Beating the stock market is difficult, and requires accurate, reliable, and useful sources of information.

We want to become one of those prized resources, so when an investor or trader is making a decision they refer to the insights we produce before making decisions. We have a strong track-record of producing alpha-generating ideas that offer great risk/reward and we will continue to uncover alpha-rich opportunities.


Back to the beginning

Cho Research originally started out as a subscription research service that was marketed and sold to individual subscribers in 2016 and 2017 where we operated off of a paid subscriber model. Initially, we thought this was the most viable model for distributing our findings and insights on small cap equities, but given the restrictive nature of a subscription-based service those insights weren’t made broadly available, and it didn’t provide the needed exposure small companies need. The service was originally branded as “Cho Equity Research”, and was marketed via a partnership with Seeking Alpha’s marketplace. We transitioned away from this model following a number of challenges that failed to address our audience, and closed our marketplace service as of November of 2017.

At the time, we were devastated, but given enough time… we corrected course and developed an even more disruptive model for developing and distributing equity research towards the end of 2018 with our first MVP (minimum viable product) going live in January of 2019. The transition from crowdsourced platform, and crowdsourced marketplace to an independent platform that can readily address the needs of small cap companies was a big shift in our business model, and we continue to execute on this model everyday.

Where are we today?

In 2019, we came across an opportunity to publish research on a little-known company called Genprex. The team behind Genprex approached us, and before we knew it, we found our alternative model. Whether it was happenstance, or luck we had no idea that what started out as a one-off research proposal would go onto become the basis of our business model. Often, it’s accidental discovery that leads to the creation of new businesses.

During this transition we encountered countless rejection, and opponents to our strategic shift in direction. If 2018 was the year of “strategic retreat” the year 2019 was a year of “reinvention.”

Over the course of 2019, we had to reinvent ourselves. Whether it was the back-end technical stuff that goes into creating a properly functioning website to the expansion of our client pool, and the development of more proprietary data points and strategies for distributing our insights. The development of our business model, expansion of our team, and the expansion of our client base became our greatest priority. We strengthened our pre-existing relationships, and developed new ones along the way. The scope of our value proposition improved, and the quality of insights and research within our reports reached a level where it felt comparable to Wall Street equity research.

Towards the end of 2019, we anticipate reaching key milestones in our transition, and disrupt the equity research model — once and for all.


Management Team

CEO and Founder - Alex Cho

Alex Cho is the founder of Cho Research. Alex established a track-record of publishing research since 2012. Alex Cho started publishing research for a number of publications over the past 8-years before launching Cho Research in 2019. Alex Cho has been featured publicly to discuss themes relating to equities, cryptocurrencies, and U.S. politics. While also speaking at private events. Alex Cho has also worked as a consultant for healthcare start-ups in the blockchain segment in 2018, and helped launch a cryptocurrency research consultancy in 2017. Prior to this, Alex Cho has worked as a consultant in the domain registrar space (internet services) in 2016 where he provided critical insights that assisted with a reverse-publicly listed merger valued at $10M.

Alex Cho was rated #1 according to TipRanks database in 2017, and ranked 11th on an average return basis in 2019. Alex Cho published a book titled “Building Authority in the Age of the Internet,” where he discusses his thesis on managing brand from the context of a creative enterprise. To date, Alex Cho has generated in excess of 100M+ views relating to the topic of stocks, cryptocurrencies, finance, politics and etc. across all his published media to date. 

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Track Record Summary

Over the past 8-years, Alex Cho’s track-record can be summarized as being extraordinary with a 5-Star rating from TipRanks Database and ranked 11th in the world, currently. Alex Cho’s rating distribution to date: 84.7% Buy Ratings, 13.1% Sell Ratings, and 2.2% Hold Ratings.

Buy Ratings suggest an entry, Hold Ratings suggests a close of a position, and Sell Ratings suggest a sell-short position, which then gets closed by a follow-on Hold Rating.

Alex Cho’s coverage universe is primarily Technology & Healthcare related with an average +18.6% return (assuming one opens and closes position within a year, which is then averaged for the past 8-years).

Alex Cho has published equity research on all of the Dow Component stocks, the top 10 cryptocurrencies and technology companies incl. of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet, Qualcomm, Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Verizon, AT&T, Snap Inc., Twitter, Pandora, Yelp, Tesla Motors, NXP Semiconductors, Netflix, Amazon, IBM, Alibaba, Oracle, Adobe Systems, Western Digital Corporation, Micron, Samsung, Lyft, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive, Sony, HP Inc., HP Enterprises, Sprint, PayPal, eBay, Yahoo! (prior to merger) and many more.

COO - Jason Chen

Prior to joining Cho Research, Jason Chen worked at Scotia Bank, BMO Financial Group and STL Partners. Jason Chen graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BS in Financial Economics.

Jason oversaw all trade related processes and reporting for prime brokerage clients, mainly Canadian hedge funds, investment banks and mutual fund companies while working at Scotia Bank.

At BMO Financial Group, Jason managed accounts in accordance with CNA policies & procedures (Systems: ICI, TOMS, Fidessa, Imagine, SwapOne, GMI, ILD, DSTS, ADP, CMCIF, and Calypso). Implemented new or modified processes or programs through UAT – Fenergo, Gloss, and Assassin. Analyzed and manipulated accounts data using Excel functions, conditional formatting, tables, and charting.

Jason also oversaw research at STL Partners for four-years from 2012 to 2017 where he generated reports on general economic trends, individual corporations and entire industries. Analyzed financial information to produce forecast of business, industry and economic conditions for use in making business decisions and Interpreted data affecting investment returns, such as price, yield, stability and future trends in investment risk.